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What have I done to deserve this? That is what they want to…. I know if you are reading this that you more than likely have suspected or even felt that a spirit was around you at some point or other. The average person has this thought cross their mind, but they usually brush it away as a coincidence. Follow Me for Good Luck! All Rights Reserved. Buy a Reading. Coming Soon Tarotscopes.

*Paranormal* - Soul-siblings Showing of 91

October 4, By Brianna Sol. August 14, By Brianna Sol. We will focus on the questions that open the door to our deepest desires. What is it that you really want?

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We will guide you in how to intentionally attract it into your life. We will awaken our creativity, raise our awareness, and tap into your unique gifts you have to offer this world. There is no one like you, there has never been anyone like you, and there never will be anyone like you. This weekend is about tapping into your deeper purpose on this planet found through experiencing deep peace and joy.

When we tap into our heart space we can find the deepest peace, exhilaration, and creativity. When we really know what we want we can intentionally attract it into our lives. We aim to leave you feeling alive. We will do some clearing of resistance in our being so that we can feel light and abundant.

Today we will make friends and learn to love every part or our being from head to toe, every emotion, and every experience. After morning yoga, meditation and a delicious breakfast, we will head into the rainforest for a journey into nature and eyes open to the animal kingdom around us. Today we head back into nature to explore the limitations we have in our minds. We will guide you in how to step into an unlimited space of love and creative expression. We will continue to clear anything that stands in the way of allowing and receiving all the goodness in the universe.

We take you into a space where you can recognize and feel that you are unlimited. After our morning routine with yoga, meditation, and a beautifully prepared breakfast, we will choose our activity based on the groups desires ranging from heading to the beach, surfing, snorkeling, or hiking in the rainforest. These fun activities will continue to build our friendship, abundance and freedom. By this time you will be in a space of joy, creativity, and expansion. You will be amazed at what you tap into that has been waiting to be born. It is time to celebrate ourselves and each other! After our morning routine with yoga, meditation, and a beautifully prepared breakfast, we will head to the beach for a closing ceremony.

Here we will practice the art of giving and receiving with gratitude. When you are able to more deeply love yourself, you expand your capacity to love others. We will continue supporting each other around what we have learned and implementing new routines that allow us to live a life of being unlimited. For 6 months post retreat, we will conduct a monthly video meetings that ensure accountability for our-selves and each other, hold us in deep connection, and continual calling back to your heartsease and deeper purpose.

As human being, we thrive on connection to each other. Do you thirst for deep connection in your life?

Sacred Soul Sister's Gathering

If you feel overwhelmed, anxious, or frustrated at times in your life, we know what that is like. We have been there. It is busy world we live in. This week you will feel invigorated and refreshed by being around a fun group of ladies in a remote gorgeous piece of the earth. Most importantly, we get to relax so we can tap into our hearts and souls. This evening we play, share, connect, and celebrate each other. We will tap into our goals for the retreat, see the beauty in each other, laugh, and enjoy our surroundings.

With our go, go, go culture we often miss truly tapping into what is important to us. Do you lack enough time to take care of you and have time for you? We are left feeling drained and disconnected. We get it! Here is a chance to reset, redefine, and explore.

Find your TRIBE and love them hard.

What we have found is that our desires are the guiding force leading us in the exact direction that our inner being wants to go. And when we allow ourselves to go there, we uplift everyone else around us. Your family is counting on you to be your best self. By understanding our deepest desires, we open the door to our destiny. In this retreat you will expand your understanding of yourself and your deepest calling so that a world of possibility can open up before you. Now you can gracefully flow into your purpose and destiny. Your deepest desires are your hearts yearning for expression and your guide to the actions that are calling you into your higher purpose on this planet.

Life is always asking us to participate. Can you listen more fully and take action while embracing the fear, hesitation, and doubt along the way.

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We aim to become an open vessel where all emotions can flow through us and offer their true gifts. Today we invite you to go within, listen with an open heart, and begin to discover your deepest truth. Every stage of life is an opportunity to discover anew who you are and what you want. Nature helps us get there. The Power of Nature — a poem by Winslow There is nothing more powerful than being in nature.

It is as if the soul lies down in the arms of Mother Earth to wash away all that we have been resisting. She gives us wings so that we may fly and be free. Her divine beauty merges with the spirit in us and we become one. In her magnificence we discover a radiant divine sunlight deep in the core our being and feel it gush down through our thighs and into the earth and up through our hearts, out the crown of our heads, and through our finger tips until we know that we are fully alive bubbling with bliss and joy.

All of nature is alive and pulsating with love, can you receive it? Let it penetrate into your being so fully that you are healed. In these fields blanketed with her wild flowers, you no longer need to resist. You are one with all and your soul knows no limit. We will take you there. Do you ever doubt yourself, compare yourself to others, or feel discomfort in your body or mind? We all do, and we want to give you tools to decipher the code of what it all means.

We want you to know that you are deeply loved.

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You are perfect exactly as you are. Furthermore, we invite you to see your own beauty and step into your heart space in a bigger way than you ever have before. Abundance, joy, and clarity are always available to you by tapping into your heart space.

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  6. This awareness allows us to set the coordinates in our GPS and discover a new roadmap towards living your destiny from a place of LOVE. We all feel over stressed at times. Perhaps you can sense that there is a way to find better balance and greater amounts of joy. Cultivating a Big Heart Space is about learning tools to shift out of a stress response, and choosing to stay in a place of openness and peace where all emotions can flow through.

    The attention to our heart and what it is that we want, allows us to be intentional with our time and energy so that we stay on the path to achieving our goals. From this space of awareness and clarity, we can honor fear, deeply listen, and thank it. Nothing gets stuck. We are free and alive to it all. Once fear has a voice, then the inner being can become the leader again. This day, we encourage you to let your heart and soul speak to you unfolding your inner truths.

    "Soul Sister" Pinot Noir (750 ML)

    Your heart knows the answers. Everything in nature is healing to the soul. The smells of her leaves and flowers, the sight of her beauty, the very touch of the earth heals us. Her sounds allow our nerves to unwind giving back all that is not truly ours. The singing birds, tumbling streams, and leaves dancing in the winds take us to place far away that has been whispering in our ear, calling us to come deeper into her arms.

    The wise sage inside us comes alive. Our soul dances in her arms. We are home.