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The causes and consequences of sectoral reallocation: evidence from the early 21st century. RIM plays an important role in the orderly and efficient integration of the downsized records into the remaining organization. Focusing on the big picture: RIM's leading role in protecting organizations during downsizing.

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How can downsized firms or those pursuing downsizing remain innovative? Sustaining innovation during corporate downsizing. NEC LCD Technologies' new SOG LCD has not only succeeded in the inclusion of a driver circuit and a downsized model, making it suitable for a range of industrial applications, but also in realizing a superior level of picture quality enabling it to meet the demands of mobile devices as well as industrial and professional fields. The reason for this technology--a pairing of a supercharger and turbocharger on a single engine--is to provide boost across the full rev range of a downsized engine.

Saving gas, saving the day: Eaton's "Superturbo" has almost all the hallmarks of a comic book super hero. QA I am 51 and was recently downsized from my job of 18 years.

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Urban housing developers need well-designed, real cool downsized gadgets for the downsized kitchen to fit the downsized units at downsized prices. Plus, sometimes temp workers are later offered a full-time job, Fay adds. Cut back on extras so savings or severance pay will last longer.

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If cash is a concern, stop making contributions to a retirement fund. If you can avoid dipping into your retirement funds, do so. You have to make up for the ground you lost, Copeland says. Losing a job in midlife: How to prepare and bounce back when downsized near retirement Tamara E.

Janice Holly Booth with an advance copy of a book she wrote for National Geographic. A white ladder takes Ito up to a 4. When it comes to downsized living, Tokyo has it all.


And in the age of Marie Kondo, there seems to be a minimalist appeal to these intricately designed studios. Ito, an IT engineer, says out of all the places he saw, this one checked off the most items on his wish-list.

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  • He had been looking for a relatively new apartment located between Ogikubo and Nakano stations on the JR Chuo Line that had a separate toilet and bathroom. Many of the properties he saw were dark and dingy, however, and far from train stations. Internet connection is free and there was no deposit or key money, eliminating a big chunk of upfront costs. While the practice is changing, most property owners in Tokyo still ask tenants to pay anywhere from one to four months of rent in advance, significantly raising the financial burden for new occupants.

    One person has to sit on the floor, while another goes up to the loft.

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    A Ququri living space designed by Spilytus Co. To prevent other firms from emulating its design, the firm acquired a patent last year for its method of arranging as many small dwelling units it can — ranging in size from 9 to 13 square meters — in an apartment building on a single plot of land.

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    Not all coverage has been positive, Kimoto says, with one broadcaster comparing the tiny apartments to pig pens. In general, however, there seems to be interest in how the company has carved out a niche in a highly competitive market for cheap, small housing.

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    The devil is in the details, Kimoto says. Japanese building regulations stipulate that the maximum height of the ceiling for structures of this size must be no more than 30 times the width of the pillars supporting the structure. In order to secure a ceiling that is 3. Singer-songwriter Uran Kanda, 20, sits in her Ququri apartment.

    The company has constantly been tweaking the interior on its properties. For example, it changed the color of the floor panels of the apartment rooms from brown to white to create a brighter atmosphere. Coupled with the large windows and high ceilings, this adds a sense of openness despite the pocket-sized floor space, Kimoto says. Uran Kanda, a year-old singer-songwriter who lives one floor below Ito in a 9. Kanda works at a sushi restaurant in Koenji three days a week and spends the rest of her time in her room recording music and editing videos.