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Then they read to Joy and Luke. A few paces later, the bakers gave us cookies. Mummy was away for a business trip but snuck home early; Luke and Joy will be surprised in the morning! We all rose pretty early so Joy could open her presents. As usual, Luke was a great big brother and super helper. The hit was the nearly life-size Thomas the Tank Engine popup play tent. Nanna and Buppa gave Joy a nice doll house and they even brought Luke a couple new toy airplanes for his collection.

Joy also got a beautiful new dress from Auntie Marl and Uncle Marc and she modelled it all day. For a video, click here. A delicious dinner of Crazy Bug Pasta and birthday cake was enjoyed. Joy and Will had a contest to se who could eat more; I think it ended in a tie. The Gruffalo. My dick is so big it's got its own dick, and even my dick's dick is bigger than your dick. My dick is so big, movie theaters serve popcorn in small, medium, large and My Dick. Carvey: It's obscene! It's insane! My wife had binoculars, "It's moving, honey!

It's moving! We'll never get that on the album cover! We could play jump rope with it though! Comic Books. Nicknamed "Long Dong", because he and his roommates were unknowingly given superpowers related to whatever they were thinking at that moment; Ray was measuring his penis and wishing it to be bigger and better in every way. He develops an indestructible, foot penis, and has to beg people not to leave porn lying around, because he'll knock holes through the ceiling with it.

When fighting Hercules : Deadpool : Fighting a dude in a skirt. My advantage. His advantage. Chase: You're sleeping in the raw? What is wrong with you?!


At least the computer wore tennis shoes! Victor: We live under a tar pit Chase. It's a million degrees down here. Besides, what's the big deal? I've got the exact same parts that you do. Chase: Says who? You're an electric chair with legs! Except, you know, instead of four legs, you have uh Comic Strips.

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In one FoxTrot strip, Peter's entire baseball team is standing before the coach with huge bulges in their pants. The coach Face Palms and says, "Boys, I thought I told you to let the store tell you what cup size you need. They wince when As'taris cuts it off. Sundance's eyes grew wider and followed the progress of a quiet rolling noise that traveled across the floor and knocked over a nearby chair.

Films — Live-Action. She can't keep her eyes off them and keeps making Freudian slips when looking at them. The one scene in which we get a shot of their junk shows what can only count as a third leg, as each of their penises stretch to below the knees with no end in sight. Also happens in the comedy Jane Austen's Mafia! In Borat , during the naked fight, Borat's producer doesn't have anything censored his pot belly covers it up but Borat has a censoring black box Making this even funnier is the black box getting bigger and bigger as the fight goes on.

This was explained in a deleted scene, where he's interviewing a cosmetic surgeon and asks whether he could get his freakishly huge penis reduced in size. Apparently all his friends make fun of it all the time. A recurring gag on Son Of The Beach was that in any nude scene, the characters would have black censor bars over their TV-sensitive areas — Chip's bar would extend to his knees, while Notch had barely a square centimeter.

Sacha Baron Cohen loves this kind of joke. His Ali G character has a dream in which he's in a gang shoot out. One of the bullets tears his pants around his knee, narrowly missing his Gag Penis. Just a little while later, after the shoot-out is complete, he turns toward his assailants and the bullets outline where he once stood - complete with a Gag Penis extension in front of him. In The Full Monty , an auditioning male stripper displays his qualifications for the job.

All we see is a reaction shot of the audition panel Gaz: You can't dance, you can't sing. What can you do? Guy: Well, there is this [drops pants] [everyone stares in amazement] Gentlemen, the lunchbox has landed.

HUGE LOL Surprise Dolls Opening!! Big Surprise, Pearl, Pets, Lil Sisters, Confetti Pops, Glitter

Sam: The-The truth of the matter is I'm hung like a newborn Bullies: Oh! Ha ha ha! Even he admits it. The-The coach made me promise to keep it covered Bully: Dude, that would—that would really scare me. A logic joke: A woman who's had a string of jackass boyfriends puts in an ad for a partner who won't run off with her best friend, won't hit her, and is good in bed. An armless, legless man rings the doorbell.

She helps him into her house and quizzes him on the aforementioned characteristics. He says he couldn't run off with her best friend, not having legs, and, as he has no arms, he couldn't hit her. Then she asks, "How do I know you're good in bed? The tongue could work, too There is a joke about a man who goes to the hospital and complains that when he walks, his penis drags on the ground, and that's really uncomfortable, so he wants a bit cut off.

Well, the doctor is not sure how to do it, so he passes the job to the nurses. They are not sure where to cut from; from the end, from the middle, or from the base, so they go to the senior nurse. She takes one look and says: "Are you idiots? Stretch his legs. They go to the edge of the bridge, whip 'em out, and go to it.

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One says, "Damn, this water's cold. A week later, he says his son is seven pounds. His friend says what happened? Black guy says "Had him circumcised. Another joke tells of a man who goes to a doctor to complain about his embarrassing Simpleton Voice that's plagued him ever since puberty. The doctor asks him to drop trou to discover that the man is ridiculously well-hung, and explains that the weight of his elongated penis is tugging against his vocal chords, but he can undergo surgery to remove the excess length from his member and leave him with a normal proportion that won't affect his voice.

A month after the operation, the man returns to complain in a normal tone that he's pleased with his newfound confidence and no longer feels embarrassed to speak in public, but unfortunately, he's having a difficult time pleasing his wife now and asks whether they can reattach his old penis. After a beat, the doctor curtly replies in a Simpleton Voice : "Sorry, I threw it out. He finds out from the bartender that his horse had been very lethargic lately, so he was willing to bet whether customers could make the horse laugh.

The man takes the bet and walks out back, shortly followed by whinnies of laughter from the horse. The bartender asks "How the hell'd you manage that? The man shrugs, walks out back, and the laughter immediately stops, followed by the sounds of the horse crying. When the bartender asks the man how he managed to pull it off this time, the man smirks. When he went over to the prostitutes and asked which would satisfy him, they requested to see his endowment.

The trucker unzipped his pants and showed them to her. The girls began to stifle their laughter as they see a tattoo reading "Shorty" on the exposed pecker. One particular girl decided to humor the trucker and they both left for a room. The next morning, the hookers were freshening up when suddenly the girl that went last night with the trucker appeared before them. She looked disheveled and practically catatonic. Before the others could start fearing the worst, the prostitute finally spoke up "Remember the guy with the "Shorty" tattoo on his prick?

One day, he's at a urinal next to another man, and by chance sees that the man has the same tattoo on his penis. He asks the guy about it, and he responds "Actually, mine says 'Welcome to Jamaica, have a nice day. A similar joke is told in Russia about a man who lost part of his penis in some accident, and the doctor says "the part remaining is still quite a respectable size". The man says "You see that "ol" there? It used to say "Greetings to our beautiful girls from the valiant defenders of Sevastopol "".

Two minutes fifty. Quick, run to the Mess and tell the boys a joke before the end. My dick is so big, if I bang it against the wall the submarine will break! The mate whips out his dick and waves it around, before the timer in his head hits zero and he slaps the wall. The submarine explodes. The Captain, wearing a life jacket and holding onto a dresser miraculously survives.

I don't get it The first says her husband gave her a mink overcoat, the second says she got a new Mercedes-Benz, the third says he was naked in the garden and twelve birds perched on his member. Embarrassed, the other two confess: It was a synthetic fur and a used Ford they got. The third woman claims she too exaggerated: the twelfth bird was only hanging on by one leg. A man and a woman who stayed chaste while they were courting get married. On their wedding night, they are getting ready to go to bed for the first time.

The woman says, "Darling, I have a confession to make. I have the chest of a year-old boy.

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And I have a confession to make as well. I am hung like a baby. I love you and we will make this work. But, I thought you said you're hung like a baby. The plot of Njal's Saga gets kicked off when a man is cursed by his angry ex-girlfriend to have a penis so unfeasibly large that he can never again have sex with a woman. Discworld : Possibly one of the very largest examples, the aptly named "Long Man" in Lords and Ladies is 20, tons of long burial mound with two small round burial mounds located either side of one end.

When a dwarf, after seeing and admiring the earthen mounds, goes inside and meets the aptly-named Long Man himself, a mythological figure with a healthy appreciation for not wearing any clothes.

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The one man with the forethought to open a window and let in some cold air couldn't do so, as he didn't dare get up from his seat. When the Auditors start reducing the artworks to dust in order to see where the beauty is contained , Susan just happens to know exactly where it was. Lobsang : You, er, appreciate art? Geoff Tipps, a clever man with a big cock, comes in and stops the king from being killed.

He is a Hero.

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His cock is big. Live-Action TV. In a Horne and Corden sketch, shown here, a man gets a penis enlargement, resulting in him pulling a snake several feet in length out of his trousers to show his friend. Particularly funny was just after Susan told Sally that Patrick is very well endowed, Patrick happens to walk by and lose his balance for a brief moment. At one point he finds out that an ex-girlfriend started a business selling vibrating dildos modelled after "Junior Patrick".

Apparently she'd never found it so easy to accommodate the battery compartment.

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One episode of Just Shoot Me! Made all the more crushing because he apparently had no clue this was anything special. I mean, hadn't you ever seen other guys in the shower?

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The only time I saw other guys naked was in porn. I just thought I was a little above average. You son of a bi- ". Cybill and Friend: [ looking excited and amused ] Wow Harris : That man has the largest penis I have ever seen. I don't even know if he has the mumps, forgot to check, I was distracted Doyle: Frankie Tripod? A big no.