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  5. Biodegradable nanoparticles developed by Yale scientists to revolutionize sunscreen. Fighting Effects from Heat with Potassium. Killer Graphene: using pencil lead to kill bacteria. The slender pear shape will give fingers and hands a slimmer appearance while creating a soft and delicate look. Oval cut diamonds have a classic appearance with a modern twist!

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    It is a popular cut in all types of jewelry, especially in engagement rings , making it easy to match with other jewelry. It has an incredible brilliance, similar to the round brilliant cut, but also has the advantage of accentuating long, slender finders.

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    Asscher cut diamonds are often mistaken for an emerald cut because of its similar cut style; however an asscher is square rather than rectangular. Created in the early s, the asscher cut has recently resurged in popularity, especially amongst celebrities. Known as the premier jewelry store in Minnesota, Wixon Jewelers in Minneapolis specializes in engagement rings, fine Swiss watches, gemstones and diamond jewelry.

    How Diamonds Work

    We offer our clients more than just fine jewelry and timepieces; we offer them a level of service, trust and expertise that our competitors simply cannot match. Guide to Diamond Shapes When thinking of diamonds, many will immediately think of the classic round diamond shape. Popular Diamond Shapes Choosing the right diamond can be tricky for many people. RADIANT CUT Perfect for those looking for a unique style, radiant cut diamonds feature uniquely trimmed corners which combines the lines of an emerald cut with the brilliance of a round diamond.

    To do so takes five main steps: planning, cleaving, bruting, polishing and inspecting. The planning stage is critical, since workers must analyze the rock and figure out how to make the smartest possible cuts to minimize waste and make sure they get the highest possible value from the stone. After determining how to proceed, diamond cutters move on to the cleaving stage.

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    Since a diamond is too hard to be cut by many of the materials often used to make saws, jewelers traditionally cut the stones with a saw whose blade is made of diamonds, a diamond saw. Recently, they have also begun to use lasers to split the rocks, especially if a stone is particularly jagged and could benefit from a contactless cut. Following the cleaving stage, jewelers move on to bruting.

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    During this step, the diamonds are cut once again, this time to make the stones round and easier to work with. Jewelers usually use lasers or a rotating disk in which two diamonds spin in opposite directions from each other.