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This one book alone covers like I really didn't have a problem with it. I was kept on my toes and I always wanted to read more. I don't know how long I'll be able to wait for book 2! Apr 15, Lizzy rated it it was ok Shelves: kindle-ebooks-pdf. I received a copy of this book for an honest review. I expected more of it. It's a story about bad boy Toby, who didn't had an easy life. His father killed two people and himself while drunk driving, his bigger brother abused Toby and then ended in jail for killing someone and his mother is seriously ill.

Claudia lives with her dad, who is a cop. She got a job, taking care of Toby's mother. Toby and Claudia fall in love, but then bad stuff happens the break up and years later their still friends I received a copy of this book for an honest review. Toby and Claudia fall in love, but then bad stuff happens the break up and years later their still friends but they can't seem to express what they really feel for each other. There are tons of books out there with the same concept.

And I did had high hopes for this book as it does have a lot of good reviews. Unfortunately I was disappointed. The last couple of weeks I tried reading the book but couldn't get in to it and put it down again. The last couple of days I made myself read it, because I promised to review the book. I found myself getting distracted and staring out of the window a couple of times during the book.

It just didn't interested me enough. Although it does get better further in the book. I knew exactly what was gonna happen, nothing surprised me. And I think that was my biggest issue with the book. I read this story somewhere before. Another thing was that I really disliked Toby. He does turned out to be a better person, in the last pages. And I did feel bad for him because of all the stuff he went through. But I didn't get to like him, I wanted to like him but then he did something that made me cringe. Even at the end of the book, he still said something I really disliked.

I'm glad Claudia liked him and he's happy at the end of the book.

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But I would never would have come near Toby, he made me so angry a couple of times. I do have to say I do like Suzanne's writing style. And I like that the chapters changed views between Toby and Claudia. I'm sorry for complaining so much but this book wasn't for me.

He's deleted 50,000 tweets, and gone on three different diatribes in a day.

It's intense. It's deep. It's emotional as hell but it's damn good at the same time. Claudia is a typical 'do-gooder' and she has her life mapped out exactly how she sees fit. However, when Toby walks in to her life, everything she's every dreamed about suddenly shifts, for a moment. Her plans to leave NY and head to LA for schooling, and to be closer to her mother, are forbidden by her father.

Toby is your typical, hard bodied, sexy man. Although, he has had a hard upbringing. Being the youngest in his family, he has had to suffer through the death of his father, the fists of his older brother, and the illness and tears of his mother. He has traveled since graduating high school because he was looking for a place to fit in; a place to feel welcomed.

Little did he know, all he was running from was exactly where he needs to be. Toby and Claudia's love story is met with beauty, heartache, death, more heartache but eventually, beauty once again. While each struggle to make their lives better, they truly never give up on the other. It's a gentle read but packed full of emotions and intense moments where, yes, I admit, I even got teary-eyed.

But it's definitely a good read! Dec 29, Carlene Inspired rated it really liked it Shelves: reviewed-books , romance , new-adult. Toby has had a crush on Claudia since he could remember, but seeing her again, in his house, taking care of his mom, brings all those feelings back to life. After moving away to get away from his family and his past, Toby is back when his mom's cancer returns again.

It's all temporary though, he'll be leaving again as soon as he can. He doesn't want to remember his dad, see his brother in prison, and certainly not get stuck in this town he wants nothing to do with. Claudia is ready to try to be Toby has had a crush on Claudia since he could remember, but seeing her again, in his house, taking care of his mom, brings all those feelings back to life.

Claudia is ready to try to be on her own, even if it means going behind her sheriff father's back. She's applied to USC, working her first paying job, and somewhere along the away found herself liking Toby Faye, the son of her client. They aren't from the same world however and when bad things seem to be happening no matter where he goes, their short lived relationship doesn't stand a chance. Toby doesn't know how to love and Claudia doesn't know how to keep loving someone who doesn't want to try.

It is hard to believe this book is Suzanne McKenna Link's debut novel; it is incredibly well written and a real page-turner. Main characters, Toby and Claudia, come to life on the pages and their mannerisms are very realistic. Claudia was exactly who I was in school; good, driven, determined to succeed, but curious. I really enjoyed her as a character, especially when she did things outside of her norm. It's easy as a reader to say her mannerism don't make sense, but when I think back to being , the strange self preservation methods are totally true.

I love how she wanted so much for Toby, yet knew her own self worth as well. I understood where she came from when she both wanted to be in Toby's life, but couldn't. She was a perfectly written character, in my opinion. Toby, on the other hand, is, well, stressful. He's the kid who you tell no who does it any way, the one who jumps off a rock into the water without knowing how deep it is. His emotions are all over the place and as a reader you're left wanting to throw a stop sign in front of him, to make him slow down and think. I could easily picture him in my mind and felt all the emotions as he went through his life.

It was so hard to read about his feelings, but know he physically had no clue how to express them. Both characters, as well as the minor characters of friends and family, are very well described. The physical traits, from color of skin and eyes, clothing type, and even odd little facial expressions were so well detailed. It was easy to picture the characters and the scene as the pages turned. The relationship between Claudia and Toby, while tumultuous, is beautiful.

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I liked their approach of the unknown, I liked that it wasn't perfect, and I really liked how it was so very realistic. The novel takes place over a long period of time, three years to be exact. While it felt like a very long read at times, it really isn't, it's just filled with the kind of relationship that's consuming. There's also some very heavy subjects dealt with through out the book, from family members in prison, overbearing parents, sexual relationships, cancer, and criminal activity.

It seems like a lot, but it's handled very well and written into the book over a length of time. Every moment I read this book, I ignored something in my own life. I was completely immersed and when I finished the last page I had this feeling in my stomach that something was missing. Saving Toby is a complex novel, not one you can just pick up and read on any old day, but one that will take over your life from the moment you start the first page. The character development, descriptive writing, and amazing plot line are just a few parts of this book that I could go on and on about.

Apr 17, Keep Calm Novel On rated it really liked it. Saving Toby draws the reader in immediately. The novel is character driven. The characters are well defined with strong and distinct voices. Claudia is the good girl. She is driven to achieve her goals and has the support of her police officer father. Toby presents himself as the bad boy. The reader learns so much about these character via their individual points of view. Their feelings, fears and goals are revealed through their words and actions. They had not seen each other since elementary school and the bad boy does not want to scare her off.

Will choices that Toby has made define him? Do people really change? This emotional read moves quickly. The author explores many important issues including but not limited to divorce, abuse, addiction, and bereavement. Looking forward to the next book in this series. Aug 03, Tiana rated it it was amazing Shelves: absolutely-loved. Rating: 4. Saving Toby was an incredibly amazing read. After weeks searching for a decent book, I was starting to lose hope that talent had long since been lost, until I found Saving Toby —it gave me faith that there were still authors in the literary world who are gifted and unique.

Suzanne McKenna Link is a very talented writer, she's a true author, and deserves a whole lot more recognition. It kind of frustrates me that authors who write poor quality books that are written atrociously, ones t Rating: 4. It kind of frustrates me that authors who write poor quality books that are written atrociously, ones that have no unique plot, are bland and predictable, and have mediocre characters, are more recognized and praised than authentic and original writers like Suzanne McKenna Link.

I don't know why people gravitate more towards the former, it's completely beyond me, but I certainly do not follow that crowd. Suzanne is incredible, she has a very special way with words that so easily evoke emotions out of you that you wouldn't normally feel, especially not from fiction. And not only are her words special, but so is Suzanne herself—the whole way through Saving Toby , you could just feel and see how much time and effort Suzanne puts into her writing; soul and heart.

Her writing was so meticulous, but came across as effortless at the same time. Her dedication shone though every sentence, and I was both impressed and moved by her commitment and devotion to her characters and the story. I liked Saving Toby right from the beginning, and I honestly had no idea which way the plot was going to go; usually it's quite obvious, but not with this book; I knew I was in for an unexpected story, and once I started, I didn't want to stop reading.

I actually didn't even want the book to ever end, but I knew that, naturally, it had to The characters throughout Saving Toby were very well-developed; after several chapters, they had already started to feel like real people to me. I kind of felt privileged to be reading, and following, Claudia and Toby on their journey through life. They learnt so much, about life, about themselves, about each other And Julia was a beautiful character, she was a huge part of Claudia and Toby and their life, together and apart. I also loved Mr. Chiatmetti despite his strong hold on Claudia; he was seriously protective of his daughter, and at times I was frustrated with his decisions and his closed-minded opinions, but I also understood him—his daughter came first, and I think he was just scared to lose her The side characters, such as April, Dario, Abe, and even Ray and Dev were all widely different characters, and the characterisation was superb.

Each character had a role, separate personalities and views, and Suzanne pulled each one off exceptionally well. I will be honest and say that I liked Toby more than Claudia. Claudia started off as quite naive, but I had understood it and even related to that side of her. Along with that, she was strong-willed, independent, intelligent, and had a natural way with helping people. However, she was also a little selfish at times, and a little too focused on being independent that it kind of clouded everything else in her life. She pushed Toby away a lot, especially when he needed her the most.

Part of that I had understood, her drive and fight to pursue her dreams, but it wasn't very balanced—everything, for a while, was all about her and her need to move and work towards a career, that she kind of put everyone and everything else on the backburner. It was just a little bit too much, and not always fair to the people in her life. By half way through the book and towards the end, some of her choices and her reasoning's where a little frustrating, and sometimes her point of view became a little repetitive and She was a bit uptight at times, and I just wanted her to loosen up a bit, to relax, to not be so serious.

She was always telling Toby that she never believed she was too good for him, or that she was better than him, however her actions spoke very differently. She was a pro at avoiding and dragging things on longer than necessary. I felt sorry for Toby, like she was leading him on, making him suffer more than he needed to, more than he deserved. In a way, I felt Toby was better off without Claudia, but in the end you just can't ignore their undeniable chemistry.

Toby was short-tempered, had an anger simmering under the surface at all times, and he was defensive and sometimes a little too reactive. But I loved him, because deep down, he had a beautiful soul. He was incredibly hilarious, whenever there was a moment I laughed during the story, it was always because of him. I loved his journey more than Claudia's; his growth was more obvious, more intense, more admirable, and he eventually became well-deserved of everything good in life.

I was on his side, even when he did or said something questionable—the thing with Toby is, he eventually realised his mistakes, and he made the effort to fix them. His attraction to Claudia was intense when reading from his point of view. I felt a lot of emotions when inside his head, more than when I was in Claudia's. Even though there was often an intensity and an aggressiveness to him, there was also something really warm and secure about him—comfortable.

For the right things, he was strong and compassionate, and when he was finally on the discovery and transformation of who he was without all the baggage of his past and his mistakes, as he started making something of himself, it was impossible not to be proud of his character. I loved him at the beginning of the story, but that love constantly grew, never faltering, and by the end of the book, he had officially became one of my favourite characters not just from Saving Toby , but out of every book I've read. Toby was pretty incredible. I would have been beyond satisfied even if the whole book was just in his point of view.

Suzanne McKenna Link has a strong talent with adding realism to her work. There was a believability to her writing style, she made most things in the book feel natural and real. I will say that, at some points, I did find a couple of scenes questionable; I remember one of them was when Claudia's father let her go out when Dev, an evil, sadistic asshole who was out for blood and Claudia was no doubt one of his targets, was still on the loose.

Chiatmetti, despite being a cop and a strict and over-protective Dad, seemed all too quick to agree to let Claudia leave when there was a high chance of her being in danger; it was like he thought, because the police were already patrolling and on the look-out for Dev, that Claudia would be safe. Not very good cop-logic, or Dad-logic, to me. Which, in turn, didn't feel realistic to me. There were also just a couple of short scenes spread out in the book that could have been revised and re-written in a more realistic way, however even in saying that, there was more realism than not.

I, personally, think that's ridiculous. Characterisation and world-building are two of Suzanne's best traits in writing, and in the real world there is hate, and there is crime, and there are people who are racist and cruel and discriminating, and to make Saving Toby realistic, she had to show that in her book. She added to her book what happens in everyday life; it may not be pretty, it may be sickening and hard to read, but unfortunately things in life aren't always perfect or good—there are bad people in this world, and I actually loved that she was brave enough to add some of that to her book.

The readers don't have to like or agree with those parts of the book, but at least appreciate the realism of it, that it's necessary to add to the book as part of the plot. A lot of the "bad" things in Saving Toby actually ended up changing Toby's life, for the better—made him realise things and turn his life around.

I definitely didn't like the racism or the cruelty, however I'm mature enough to understand that it was necessary for the eventual direction of the storyline. Adding to the realism, I loved that Saving Toby was not fast paced. Some people would probably think it's too slow, too dragged out, but I actually believed that it was the perfect, most natural pace, for both the plot and the characters.

Sure, there were a couple of moments where not a whole lot was happening, but that's like in life—sometimes things come to a standstill for a short time, sometimes things in life aren't always entertaining, sometimes things are just slow. Again, it was realistic. There was a good balance of suspense. Reading and "watching" and feeling Claudia and Toby experience all the ups and downs, trials and tribulations, loss and love, pain and happiness, both as individuals and together, was amazing.

I caught myself smiling, a lot. Several times, my heart and stomach were doing all kinds of funny things. There were even moments when I had tears in my eyes. I was completely immersed into this story, both emotionally and mentally, and I never wanted to step out of Toby and Claudia's lives. Saving Toby was a character-driven book, and I loved that the characters were more prominent than the actual drama going on around them; the characters were front and centre, there wasn't a mix-up or a back-and-forthness with drama development and character development, like a tug of war of which was more important—you knew what was important about this book right from the get-go, and it was consistent all throughout.

I love coming-of-age stories when done right, and Suzanne McKenna Link done it right. I loved how it was emphasised how different Toby and Claudia were from each other, and the genuine and legitimate struggles and triumphs in their relationship. I adored the sweetness and the roughness, the angst and the calmness. This book was believable, frustrating, adorable, intense, unexpected and beautiful! I absolutely cannot wait for the second book, Keeping Claudia , and only hope both Toby and Claudia's growth continues to happen. To be honest, I have a lot of expectations for book two after reading Saving Toby , and I can't wait to see what Suzanne has in store for these characters.

I won't be forgetting Saving Toby anytime soon— it's one of those books where it makes you think and feel so much that you couldn't forget it even if you wanted to. View 1 comment. May 08, FicCentral rated it it was amazing Shelves: fun-reads , favorites , rcvd-free-copy , swoon-worthy-characters , loved-loved-loved , series-romance. When Claudia accepts a job caring for the frail Mrs.

Fray, she isn't sure what to expect -- other than her father's disapproval. After all, she's got one son in prison for murder, a late husband who killed a couple while driving drunk, and another son who isn't exactly known for staying out of trouble. But she definitely doesn't expect to fall in love with him. Toby hasn't had it easy. The father his mother adored is the one he remembers as drunk and violent, and the older brother who should When Claudia accepts a job caring for the frail Mrs.

The father his mother adored is the one he remembers as drunk and violent, and the older brother who should have protected him wasn't much better. In fact, if his mother wasn't sick, he'd probably still be a thousand miles away, far from the memories of a broken upbringing and the judgmental looks from everyone in town. But for all his problems, he can't leave his mother alone.

And he can't take his eyes off the beautiful girl taking care of her, even if she's way too good for someone like him. With our book review schedule so filled up, it took me a while to get to this one, and within the first chapter, I was kicking myself for waiting. On the surface, the characters and setting are so unfamiliar to me that I shouldn't have been able to fall into the story so easily.

Life north of the Red River is a foreign concept for me, with characters whose lives are altogether different than anything I've known. Their usual way of speaking is like another language, and there's a culture there that I simply don't understand. These characters definitely aren't on a farm in Texas. But damned if I didn't get so hooked that it was impossible to put the book down. Claudia is good and responsible, planning out every step of her life and beginning to push back against the overprotective father who's reluctant to let her make her own decisions.

She's got her career plans mapped out, her application in to USC, and a new job to carry her over until she packs up to get her degree in California.

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Toby is the kind of boy her father always warned her about. More than just your romance novel bad boy, he's got an ugly past and a future that doesn't look much better. He's not just a heart of gold wrapped up in bad decisions. Toby has a mean streak, an itch to brawl, and the kind of friends that make enemies look pleasant. But Claudia piques his interest in a way no other girl has, and he finds himself doing everything he can to make her give him a chance.

There were so many times Saving Toby could have easily turned into just another star-crossed lovers story. Toby could have quickly become a better man for Claudia. She could have given him a chance too soon. They could have worked through everything too easily, and their problems could have simply been erased with some perfectly-timed twist of fate.

Instead, they took the more realistic route, the one that had him screwing up and her holding him off and them both dealing with the kind of angst that makes people say awful things. It honestly had me wondering if they were ever going to get through it and find some kind of happily ever after, and that's what I loved about it. There was no way of easily guessing what would happen next, even if I was hoping for it -- I couldn't even bring myself to skip to the end for fear of ruining the journey.

Saving Toby is a heartfelt coming-of-age story about two very different people finding a relationship they never expected and trying to hold onto it through everything life at that age brings. It's sweet and angsty and frustrating and believable, and I can't wait to get my hands on the next book. Even so, we're far too opinionated to let a freebie influence our thoughts or the contents of the reviews we post here. Aug 15, Cyndi Becker rated it it was amazing. I've had this on my TBR for months, and when I finally dove in, there was no stepping away from it. Saving Toby follows two young adults, acquaintances since childhood, as their opposing life paths converge.

Claudia Chiametti is a smart young women, sensitive, driven and giving. When she accepts a summer job working for Julia Faye, she will influence the lives of the Faye family far beyond all expectations. In return, her own life is affected and Claudia undergoes very dramatic growth. Her gifts; teaching others how to be friends, how to love, and how to forgive.

I simply adored Claudia and how she held true to herself and her genuineness. The other central character is one Toby Faye. Toby comes to the story with a mass of young adult male attitude that cannot be solely blamed on his raging hormones. Toby has led a life wrought with insecurity, abuse, and typical street punk clashes. He has no ambition except to once again leave the small town in Long Island that he spent is life in. His erstwhile play for Claudia is one that forever changes both of their lives and the lives of everyone they are surrounded by. Saving Toby has a complex plot that invokes a gamut of emotions: rage and fear, heartbreak and isolation, and also love and hope.

Every character brings some deep seated emotional baggage to the story, and oh what a story it is. Both Claudia and Toby narrate the story giving us a balanced view of the summer they are re-acquainted at the Faye residence. They are both profoundly impacted by the events of the summer, by their friendships and families and by the lifestyle typical of the small Long Island community that they live in. Every moment I spent reading this book, I was thoroughly absorbed in the characters and the outcome of the situations they were put in.

Suzanne McKenna Link does an amazing job giving us all the necessary moments to make us feel the story. I NEED to know what happens next and this is the mark of a truly great read. So, I highly recommend this novel. There are so many wonderful qualities to it starting with the amazing plot and character development, but most importantly, its the descriptive and stellar writing style of Suzanne McKenna Link.

Her words flow together to create feeling, not just events on a paper, and these feelings just move through the reader giving us a true reading experience. Apr 23, Ana Torres rated it it was amazing. This book I read in a day and half and it was so worth the read staying up. Page turner that won't let you down but keep you reading to find out what is next in store for Toby and Claudia.

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It is very intense roller coaster that has it's up and down and it's high and lows. It was written very well you can see the book open up in your head imagine the characters as you are watching your own movie just for your eyes only. Toby coming from a bad boy family, and hooking up with someone he had a crus This book I read in a day and half and it was so worth the read staying up. Toby coming from a bad boy family, and hooking up with someone he had a crush on yrs before.

To finally be near her and she never having a clue that he had a crush on her. Reading how they met or rather hooked up by chance of his mother being sick and Claudia just happened to be her caretaker. What are the chances of that meeting. But what I really loved is that this read slow but not too slow. It was at the right pace that you can keep up with the characters. And how they are feeling.

I felt sad for Toby when he asked Claudia friend when still in school where was she at. He took it hard to find out she was shipped out to another school, with the chance of them ever meeting her, to none. You can feel the disappointment in the book of Toby's feeling of that news. His hope was gone.. Years later. As I continued to read it really brought smiles and laughter when they finally got together but her father being so over protected because of Toby's family history.

He didn't want Claudia no where near him. But when love has plans for you, you can't stop the arrow no matter what. Even,if they have to go through the good and the bad. Part of life love, and growing up. They had a dangerous attraction to each other because of Claudia's father being who he was. So it made it that much harder for Claudia to listen to her father and follow her heart. At times she had issues with doing that with Toby's streak of negative history of his brother in jail, with his bad attitude he had to keep up not for appearance but for survival.

He had questionable friends that made her father really not want them together. Overall Love conquers all, but without not giving more than I have, I truly would recommend this book to read. Give it a chance and you will not be disappointed at all. It had it's moments where you want to just yell at them both and yes the sex with them was magical and refreshing, and again it was like finally. Growing up has hard decision they both of them have to make for the better for each other or for themselves.

They learn the hard way to love but yet love hard with no regrets but then makes you wonder in parts is it worth it? I say it was, what they go through is what happens in real life. Like almost the author written this about someone she knows life story or her own. I can't wait to read book 2, it will give you that feeling you are happy and frustrated that you have to know more.

Life with them in this book is so believable that you will read it again. A great writer to keep you engaged in the book. I love that about all books. When you pass the first chapter that will say a lot that that book is going to be awesome. Are you up to the challenge of reading this book, I personally can say it was worth reading. Like a favorite movie. This is the first time I have read Suzanne Mckenna Link books and I am going to look for more of her books.

I read this book in exchange for my honest review. Dec 17, Bit'N Book Tours rated it really liked it. Usually Colleen Hoover books are the ones that have the ability to completely wreck me. Reading her books are a masochistic tendency because I know I will cry my eyes out and ruin my pillow covers, even pull my hair every once in a while with frustration and an effort to cry quietly. But she did. And I am wrecked. The story of my life.

Saving Toby was a beautifully written book that touched my heart a Usually Colleen Hoover books are the ones that have the ability to completely wreck me. Saving Toby was a beautifully written book that touched my heart and soul. It made me smile and cry and laugh and then cry some more.

This book was realistic and the way the author wrote it, just endeared it to me. Of course it helped that there was no insta-love. Claudia Chiatmetti is hired to take care of Julia Faye. Under Mrs. There is an obvious distraction between the two, but Claudia does her best to stay professional. I loved Claudia. The way she took care of Julia and the bond they formed was beautiful indeed. Claudia has her own set of problems, including a dad who is afraid to let go. There is a constant struggle in Claudia as to what to do. The problems are quite realistic and made-up. I loved the fact that Claudia tries to incorporate the people surrounding her in her decisions and yet remains true to herself.

Toby Faye has had a crush on Claudia for a very long time. Finding out that she is going to be taking care of his mother, he decides to befriend her and also convince her to give him a chance. Toby has problems. Lots of them. His past is full of problems and so is his present, but through it all he is willing to learn to be a better man. A better Toby. Claudia knows that Toby is trouble, even her father tells her so, but she also knows that there is more to Toby than meets the eye.

Both Toby and Claudia have to face their own set of problems and they do it. And each of them grows as characters too. The author also showed Claudia's relationship with Julia, which was again beautiful. Julia becomes a kind of surrogate mother for Claudia. Even her relationship with her father is shown quite well.

Overall the author has done a wonderful job with Saving Toby. A heart-warming, touching story, wonderfully done with characters who have some flesh to them rather that just being stick figures. For a debut work, Saving Toby was indeed an incredible book. Jan 05, Libby Harrison rated it did not like it Shelves: asshole-hero , strong-heroine , hate-young-adult , unredeemable-hero , rape , racist.

That Jew never even trusted me in the store. How long are you going to make me wait? They make me want to scream in frustration!! View 2 comments. Jun 17, Nicole Kelly rated it it was amazing. This book is on the list of my top favorite reads. I found the story line easy to follow and very enjoyable. I finished it in two days, it was so addicting, I couldn't put it down.

I cried, smiled, and laughed out loud, never wanting the book to end. I found the character Claudia a very inspirational person and being the same age as her and in a serious relationship, I was able to relate to her in many ways.

‘Saving Toby’ a hit from an Advance production staffer - Long Island Advance

Although many may have seen Claudia to be selfish, I found one of the main themes throug This book is on the list of my top favorite reads. Although many may have seen Claudia to be selfish, I found one of the main themes throughout the book was to be independent and to follow your dreams; that's what Claudia represented and she serves as a great role model. Another theme was love and if it is true love between the bad boy, Toby, and innocent perfect girl Claudia, and they are meant to be together, it would happen, but it is also important to focus on yourself too.

It is an excellent book and I would recommend anyone looking for a good read. I eagerly wait for the sequel to come out. Apr 16, Linzi Selby rated it it was amazing. Saving Toby I ws given this book to write an honest review. Its a great read. I loved it!

Toby endures so much in his life and is so lost in many ways! Wish I had found him! He experiences so many emotions in the book and you are there with him through it all. What a guy she says daydreaming Claudia is a great girl with a massive heart and respectable morals. She always does things to please others but throughout the book you see her grow into an independent young women.

I read this book in Saving Toby I read this book in about 6 hours, struggled to put it down, it gripped me and was eventful, which was great. Would reccommend this book, it flows well and the characters are fab! Dec 12, Violet Vahle rated it it was amazing. Claudia and Toby's characters were so well written, so fleshed out with faults and insecurities and individual strengths, that they leaped right off the page tugging at your heart strings.

The story itself was intense in a good way. No sugar coating the realities of life, but all throughout a real sense of hope and optimism. Loved it! We're going to be good together, Claude," he said. And thats exactly what I got. Claudia Chiatmetti takes on the position of carer for Mrs Faye. She loves her job, and the more time she spends in the home of Julia and her son Toby the We're going to be good together, Claude," he said.

She loves her job, and the more time she spends in the home of Julia and her son Toby the more she finds herself caring for them and becoming a part of their lives. But Toby has a dark past, and despite his efforts to leave that behind and become the person that he wants to be for Claudia, the past always has a way of coming back to haunt you. Swoony, passionate, cocky, gorgeous, broken. Watch our trailer of trailers. Start your free trial. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

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